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It is quite easy to understand the success of this model: quality, sleek design and sportsmanship. But it has a cost and it can be interesting to take out a car loan to acquire it.

Whether you prefer a classic car, a sports car, a sedan or a convertible, the Audi A3 will delight you. A wide range of engines, new driver assistance systems, Virtual Cockpit, … these are the new 2017! But let’s focus on one particular model: the Sportback, combining design, sportiness, pleasant driving and comfort.

A clean design

Elegance, dynamism, power and purity are the external elements of the Audi A3 Sportback which make the Belgians crack. What to have the feeling of a sportswoman and the aesthetics of a city.

In addition, its large windows reinforce the impression of interior grandeur. The cockpit, meanwhile, has extremely comfortable seats and the “virtual cockpit”: optional, this 12.3-inch customizable screen was taken from his big sisters A4, Q7 and TT.

Controlled power

The brand has equipped all gasoline engines of this model of the FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection) technology that allows to directly inject fuel into the combustion chamber. But what does this imply? The answer is simple: the power is increased and the fuel consumption decreased. For speed enthusiasts, the combination of S tronic shifting and aluminum 1.4 TFSI engine (ie 122 hp) will be a real pleasure: only 7.2 seconds are needed to go from 0 to 100 km / h.

Regarding its diesel models, Audi has remained true to itself with its TDI 1.6 and 2.0 engines, allowing a power ranging from 116 to 184 hp.

A question of fuel

When buying a new vehicle, the question of a diesel, gasoline, hybrid / electric model arises more and more. And even if, in 2016, 55% of Belgians preferred the first option, against 40% for the second and 5% for the last. However, this trend will change: the government aims to put diesel and gas prices on the same footing by the end of 2018 in order to reduce the production of diesel vehicles.

  • The importance of mileage in calculations

As before the choice of fuel was made on the number of kilometers traveled per year (petrol up to 20,000 km and diesel with higher annual use), the deal is about to change because of the vices that tightens between the prices of the two fuels. This annual mileage has now increased to 30,000 but by 2018, it will certainly evolve. Only the addicts of the steering wheel (making more than 40,000 km / year) will have a financial interest to choose a diesel model if one takes into account the price of the fuel, that of the purchase of the vehicle, the interviews, the tax of putting in circulation, ….

  • The technological advance

It is however imperative to keep in mind the considerable evolution of the batteries. And yes, by 2025, the auto sector will undergo significant change. The right transition between today and tomorrow would be to go to a micro-hybrid vehicle: a petrol engine helped by a small electric motor. It’s a more affordable solution than a fully electric car and keeps it versatile.

An affordable budget

A jewel such as an Audi A3 has a cost and often requires a car loan. In fact, the basic price of a conventional A3 is € 23,100, compared to € 24,100 for an A3 Sportback, including 21% VAT.

Good news: until August 31, 2017, enjoy the summer conditions on the models of the brand. With this you can save an average of € 3,900 on your new Audi A3 Sportback, which will reduce your car loan. However, if you can not buy it new, but it still makes you crack, you can opt for a model of opportunity.

Easy financing

When you buy a new car, three solutions are available:

  • You make a personal contribution of about 20% of the total price and take out a car loan for the remaining amount. This will allow you to benefit from a lower rate.
  • You apply for a 100% car loan, covering the purchase of the car as a whole.
  • You negotiate a loan of more than 100% (usually 110% or 120%) so you can pay for the loans, such as vehicle insurance, registration, maintenance and fuel.

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